Yemisi Iginla, the wife of Pastor Joshua Iginla finally responds to extra marital affair allegation (see video)

Recently, BukkyOTv shared a report on the popular Abuja-based pastor, Joshua Iginla, who confessed publicly in a Sunday service that him and his wife committed adultery. According to him, his wife was to blame as she first pulled the trigger that destroyed their marriage by committing adultery with other men that led her into bringing children that is not his.

see video below


The pastor of Champion Royal Assembly went on to say that his wife lied about her genotype which caused them to have a child with the SS genotype.

So many people were surprise. Now it seems one person is largely affected by Pastor Joshua’s confession which is Yemisi, his wife.

In light of this, Yemisi has finally reacted to the accusation meted against her. see video below

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