Male sex expert charges £1,000 pounds per night, to please women like never before

A MALE ‘sex consultant’ has revealed women pay him £1,000 a night to show them what they’re missing out on with their fellas.

Madison James, 37, whisks high-flying businesswomen away to swanky restaurants and lavish hotels – sometimes with their husbands knowing.
Madison, who charges £13,500 for a two-week holiday, mainly travels around the UK to visit his clients – several of whom are loyal customers.

He told The Times: “The women I see have lost touch with their sexual energy because their feminine essence has not been nurtured for a very long time. They contact me to help them reconnect with that.”

His website is full of testimonials from happy women – many married.

One client, from Bristol, writes: “This was my first time with an escort but you made it feel like we had known each other for years.

“I will certainly be seeing you next time I’m in town.”

But not all the encounters work out well.
He added: “I have on occasion been called by an angry husband. I tell them, ‘If you have an issue, that is for you and your partner to resolve. It is nothing to do with me.’

“If a woman contacts me she is making whatever decision she thinks is right for her. If she has someone in her life who doesn’t agree with that, they should raise that issue with her, not with me, the third party.”

“They pay for other services that improve their lives, like a cleaner or personal assistant, so why not pay to explore an area of their life that is important to them?

“With me they are able to specify and find out what they want in bed with someone who is tuned in to wanting to provide that.”
“A lot of women I meet aren’t even sure if they have had an orgasm.”

He now runs a consultancy service that helps men take their first steps in escorting – and says there are two rules to being a great lover.

He added: “Number one. Pay attention. Don’t just go in there and bulldoze your way through. Slow down; take your time; pay attention to how she is responding.

“Number two. Touch. Ask her how she likes to be touched, where she likes to be touched.”

Madison charges anything from £350 for an hour of his time to £2,000 for a 24 hour slot.


Source:The Sun.

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