How Pius Adesanmi made Canadian high commission issue his mother visa at home after 3 times denial

Sunday Akoji, a pharmacist and friend of late Pius Adesanmi writes on how the late professor obtained his mother a Canadian visa

Akoji reveals that Mama Adesanmi had been denied a visa thrice to go visit his son in Canada. But through his influence, Pius’ mother got a Canadian visa and an apology letter in the comfort of her home in Ilorin, Kwara state, not at the embassy

A Nigerian pharmacist Sunday Akoji who doubles as a friend to the late Professor Pius Adesanmi has been writing daily on the kind of relationship he and his late friend enjoyed while he was alive.

Akoji’s page has been filed with memories he shared with the late professor since his death on Sunday, March 10 in an Ethiopia Airline plane crash on his way to Ethiopia.

In the early hours of Saturday, March 16, Akoji shared the story of how Pius wanted his mother to come visit him and his immediate family in Canada where he was based. The pharmacist narrated that the professor’s mother tried three different times to secure a Canadian visa which will enable her go see her grandchildren and spend some time with her son but all efforts to obtain Canadian visa seems abortive.

He narrated further that mama vowed never to go back to the embassy again for the visa application unless the Canadian high commission come to issue her the visa in her house in Ilorin.

Lo and behold, just like a prophesy mama’s wish came to be. The Department of Foreign Affairs invited Pius as a guest speaker for an event. Pius did not waste the opportunity as he reluctantly accepted the speaking engagement. After his lecture the boss at the top in charge of all high commissioners went to Pius to give him kudos for a job well done. During the tete-a-tete, Pius told the boss that he is unable to understand why his mother was denied visa to come and visit him.

“Three days after the event in Toronto, a dark, heavily tinted SUV with a diplomatic plate number pulled up in front of Mama Adesanmi’s house at Ilorin. The Canadian High Commissioner sent his aides who drove all the way from Lagos to Ilorin to go and stamp Mama Adesanmi’s passport with a visa to Canada in her living room, with a letter of apology personally signed by the High Commissioner”.

Visa To Canada:Once upon a time, Pius Adesanmi invited Mama Adesanmi to come visit him in Canada. That was not to be…

Posted by Sunday Akoji on Saturday, March 16, 2019

May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

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