Exclusive photos: Pastor Iginla’s estranged wife, Yemisi, is allegedly married to another man in the USA

BukkyOBlog received an exclusive photos from the alleged civil wedding of Pastor Joshua Iginla estranged wife, Yemisi Iginla with a man in the USA recently.

Two weeks ago, Pastor Joshua Iginla came out publicly to announce that his marriage to Yemisi was over after he confessed to committing adultery and having a child outside wedlock. He also alleged that his wife, Yemisi committed adultery and also had a child for another man while they were still married, Yemisi has since denied and insists that all her three children belongs to Pastor Joshua Iginla.

Pastor Joshua Iginla fathered a child with a South African prophetess named Stella Bambilanga while married to Yemisi. Rumour has it that he allegedly got married to Stella on October 2nd 2014, had a daughter named Reina and is allegedly expecting a second child with Stella as at the time of this report.

See photos below from the alleged civil union of the estranged wife, Yemisi and her new man in USA.

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